Where Does Popcorn Come From?



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Popcorn comes from a similar type of corn as our beloved field corn, or sweetcorn, but with one key difference: when heated to just the right amount, it pops!

Zea mays everta is the only type of corn that has this quality. Try heating up other kinds and you’ll end up with them stuck to the bottom of your pan.

A Brief History of Popcorn

The discovery of corn was not as recent a feat for humans. Archaeologists have discovered that people have known about popcorn for thousands of years. In Mexico, for example, they’ve found remnants of popcorn that dates to around 3600 BC!

The oldest recorded reference talking about a popped kernel comes from 1500BC when an Egyptian poem mentions pieces popping inside oil-filled bronze vessels on hot coals – this may be how our ancestors got ahead with their invention back then!

Where is Popcorn Grown?

Where do popcorn kernels come from? It typically grows on acreage found primarily in Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois Nebraska. One 30-acre plot can produce around 3 million kernels per year!

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Is Popcorn Made from Sweet Corn?

No, popcorn is not made from sweet corn. Popcorn can only be made from the Zea mays everta variety of corn, which is not the same kind found in sweet corn.

Traditionally, popcorn has been a staple food for farmers in the Midwest. Though it is originally from Central America or Mesoamerica, today’s American model of agriculture and distribution makes the USA the world’s largest producer.

Does popcorn come from corn?

Popcorn is a type of corn. There are six types of corn in total:

  • flint corn
  • dent corn
  • pod corn
  • popcorn
  • flour corn
  • sweet corn

Is popcorn made from corn?

Yes! Popcorn is a specific type of corn that is unique as it’s the only type of corn that pops!


What is the origin of popcorn?

Popcorn originates from corn called popcorn maize, specifically the Zea mays everta. It is believed to have been domesticated in Central America over 9,000 years ago.

How does popcorn “pop”?

The popcorn kernel has a small amount of moisture inside. When it’s heated, this water turns into steam, building up pressure. The kernel explodes when the pressure gets too high, turning itself inside out and forming the popped corn we know and love. However, sometimes popcorn doesn’t pop.

Is popcorn a natural phenomenon or human-made?

A3: The popping of popcorn is a natural phenomenon. However, the cultivation and domestication of popcorn maize is a human activity that goes back thousands of years.

Are all types of corn capable of popping?

No, only specific types of corn can pop. Popcorn is one of six major types of corn and the only one that pops. Other types, such as sweet corn, flint corn, and dent corn, do not pop.

Where is popcorn grown today?

Today, popcorn is grown worldwide, but the United States is the largest producer. The midwestern states, particularly Nebraska and Indiana, are known for their popcorn production.

Are there different varieties of popcorn?

Yes, there are many different varieties of popcorn, each with its characteristics. Some have smaller, denser kernels, while others have larger, fluffier kernels. The most common types are yellow and white popcorn.

What does popcorn look like before it pops?

Unpopped popcorn kernels are small, hard, and round. They come in various colors, but the most common are yellow or white. The seeds have a tough outer shell called the pericarp that allows pressure to build up and cause the kernel to pop.

What conditions are necessary for popcorn to grow?

Like other types of maize, Popcorn requires a warm growing season with plenty of sunshine. It also needs fertile soil and regular moisture. Once planted, popcorn typically takes about three to four months to mature.

Can I grow popcorn at home?

You can grow popcorn at home with the right conditions. You’ll need a sunny location and enough space for the plants, which can grow several feet tall. The kernels can then be dried and stored for popping.

How much popcorn does a single popcorn plant produce?

The number of ears per popcorn plant can vary, but it’s common for a plant to produce one to two ears. Each ear can hold anywhere from 500 to 1,000 kernels, depending on the size of the ear and the variety of popcorn.

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In Summary

  • Popcorn comes from a type of maize called popcorn maize.
  • There are many varieties of popcorn, each with its own unique characteristics. The most common types are yellow and white popcorn.
  • Unpopped popcorn kernels are small, hard, and either yellow or white.
  • Popcorn needs warm, sunny conditions, fertile soil, and regular water to grow.
  • Popcorn can be grown at home, given the right conditions, and each plant typically produces one to two ears of popcorn.
  • Each ear of popcorn can contain between 500 and 1,000 kernels, depending on the size and the variety of popcorn.

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