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If you haven’t got much time and are just looking for the best popcorn machine to roast coffee in, this is the one for you (if you have more time, keep reading!)

Wabash Valley Farms Gourmet Popcorn Popper

Roast perfectly with ease

The Wabash Valley Farms Gourmet Popcorn Popper excels in roasting coffee beans due to its even heat distribution, allowing for precise control and consistent roasting profiles.

  • Even Heat Distribution
  • Compact and Portable
  • Can be used for other things
  • Precise control

People often don’t know they can use a popcorn maker to roast their coffee beans. It may seem to be a complicated process, but with the proper popcorn popper, it is quite simple.

Using a Popcorn Popper allows you to customize your blend by combining your favorite beans and roast. You have complete control over the outcome, and you can make your coffee beans light or dark and all of the shades in between.

The Best Popcorn Makers for Roasting Coffee

Below, you’ll find our carefully selected list of the top popcorn makers ideally suited for roasting coffee at home.

Ecolution Micro-Pop Microwave Popcorn Popper

A microwave popper isn’t always the best choice when it comes to roasting coffee, however if it’s the only option you have then this popper is best best.

The Ecolution Micro-Pop Microwave Popcorn Popper is a simple, effective choice for roasting coffee at home.


  • Durable temperature-safe borosilicate glass
  • No oil or butter needed for the roasting process
  • Easy and convenient to clean – dishwasher safe


  • Designed specifically for microwaves with turntables
  • Requires trial and error to determine the perfect roasting time
  • Bulky design could be an issue for storage

If you are looking for a healthier and more convenient way to roast your coffee beans, the Ecolution Micro-Pop Microwave Popcorn Popper might be a great option for you. Made from durable temperature-safe borosilicate glass, you don’t need to worry about any oil or butter during the roasting process, which also makes it a healthier alternative to traditional methods.

The Micro-Pop popcorn popper’s design focuses on simplicity and ease of use. Simply measure your coffee beans using the dual-function lid, drop them into the popper, place the lid on top, and put it in the microwave. Although designed for popcorn, this popper can also be used for coffee beans. Keep in mind, your microwave must have a turntable for this product to work effectively.

Since this product is designed for microwaves, getting the roasting time right for your coffee beans might take some trial and error. The variation in microwaves and the specific coffee beans you’re using will influence the time needed.

One of the downsides of this product is its size. While not as large as a traditional coffee roasting machine, it’s still quite bulky, which could make finding room for it in your kitchen a challenge. However, it’s a small price to pay for the simplicity and convenience this product provides.

In conclusion, the Ecolution Micro-Pop Microwave Popcorn Popper offers an innovative way to roast your coffee beans at home in a more convenient manner. Once you find the perfect roasting time for your beans, you’ll enjoy fresh, delicious coffee like never before.

Wabash Valley Farms Original Whirley-Pop Popcorn Popper **EDITORS CHOICE**

You’re pretty guaranteed a perfect roast every time it the Whilry-Pop. Used by coffee enthusiasts worldwide it has a proven track record of performing well when used to roast coffee.

It’s great for roasting on the stove-top but with one small drawback – it doesn’t work on induction hobs.


  • Quick and efficient: roasts coffee beans in 3 minutes
  • Patented stirring system prevents burning
  • Long-lasting, backed by a 25-year warranty


  • Challenging to clean due to inaccessible gears
  • Thin aluminum material used for construction
  • Not compatible with induction stovetops

Wabash Valley Farms Original Whirley-Pop Popcorn Popper is a stovetop popcorn maker that has gained popularity among coffee enthusiasts for its ability to roast coffee beans quickly and efficiently.

This popcorn popper uses a patented stirring system which evenly roasts the coffee beans and prevents burning, ensuring exceptional results every time. Its quick operation enables you to roast up to 6 quarts of coffee beans in just three minutes, which can make your at-home coffee brewing experience delightful.

The Whirley-Pop Popper has a 25-year warranty, which guarantees a lasting and durable performance. You can enjoy delicious, perfectly roasted coffee for many years to come.

Despite these advantages, there are some cons that you should keep in mind.

The gears are challenging to clean, and the lid’s quick-release clips add to the cleaning difficulty. Some customers have also pointed out the thin aluminum material used in its construction, which may affect its durability.

Lastly, be aware that the Whirley-Pop Popper is not compatible with induction stovetops.

Overall, if you’re looking for a popcorn maker that can also handle your coffee roasting needs, the Wabash Valley Farms Original Whirley-Pop Popcorn Popper could be a good option for you, as long as you can manage the cleaning process and are not using an induction stovetop.

Nostalgia 6-Quart Stirring Popcorn Popper

This super high-tech halogen heated popper could be for if you’re looking for an alternative to the stove-top method.

It’s super quick and easy to use and can get to temperature in a instant eliminating the need for pre-heating.

A unique and convenient choice for roasting coffee beans at home.


  • Quick-heat halogen technology
  • Great if your experimenting with roast profiles
  • Motorized stirring rod for even distribution
  • Easy serving with a removable non-stick cooking plate


  • May not work optimally for large batches
  • Cleaning can be challenging
  • Some kernels may remain unpopped

The quick-heat halogen technology doesn’t require preheating and allows your beans to roast in just three minutes. This is a great time-saver when you’re testing out different roast profiles.

The motorized stirring rod ensures even distribution of beans, providing a consistent roast. The stirring rod also reverses for better performance, ensuring that the heat reaches all beans and promotes even roasting.

When your coffee beans are done roasting, the removable non-stick cooking plate and bowl make for effortless serving.

However, the Nostalgia popcorn maker may not be best suited for large batches, as its 6-quart capacity is more ideal for smaller roasts.

If you’re someone who prefers a smaller batch of coffee or wants to experiment with different beans, this may not be a dealbreaker.

Cleaning the popcorn maker can be somewhat challenging, as the design is not very conducive to thorough cleaning.

Some users have reported that a few unpopped kernels can be left behind during roasting. While this may not be unique to the Nostalgia popcorn maker, it can be a drawback, especially if you’re particular about the quality of your coffee roast.

The Nostalgia 6-Quart Stirring Popcorn Popper is a unique and convenient choice for roasting coffee beans at home. While it may not be perfect for very large batches or those seeking an easy cleaning process, it offers quick roasting and even distribution of heat for a consistent roast.

Buying Guide

It’s essential to know what features to look for when purchasing a popcorn maker for roasting coffee. Roasting coffee in a popcorn poppers requires good heat to achieve the best results.

Here are some key aspects to consider that will help you make the right decision and get the best coffee roasting experience using a popcorn maker.

Let’s get roasting!

Heating Mechanism

The heating mechanism plays a crucial role in roasting coffee evenly and consistently. Look for a popcorn maker with adjustable temperature settings to allow you greater control over the roasting process. It’s important to note that different coffee beans might require different temperature settings to achieve the desired roast level.


Consider the amount of coffee beans you plan to roast at a time. Popcorn makers come in various sizes and capacities, so choose one that can accommodate your needs. If you’re roasting for personal use, a smaller capacity may be adequate; however, if you plan to roast larger batches for friends and family or for sale, consider a popcorn maker with a larger capacity.

Airflow and Agitation

Airflow and agitation are crucial for even roasting of coffee beans. A popcorn maker with sufficient airflow and a built-in stirring mechanism will ensure a more even roast and prevent beans from scorching or roasting unevenly. Look for a model that has these features to ensure your coffee beans are consistently roasted.

Material and Build Quality

The material and build quality of a popcorn maker can significantly impact its durability and performance. Choose a popcorn maker made from high-quality materials that withstand high temperatures and regularly use. The construction of the popcorn maker should be sturdy and well-made, ensuring it will last long and perform consistently.

Safety Features

Roasting coffee beans can generate smoke and high temperatures. It’s essential to look for a popcorn maker with safety features such as an automatic shut-off to prevent overheating, a cool-touch exterior, and a secure lid to ensure the roasting process is safe and easy to manage.

What Kind of Popcorn Popper Is Best for Roasting Coffee Beans?

The stovetop popper is the best for roasting your coffee beans. They usually have a stirring mechanism, so you can ensure they don’t burn. In addition, you can control the temperature to ensure the perfect roast.

Some have glass lids, which allows you to see the color as they are roasting. Although these are the best popcorn makers for roasting coffee beans, you can also use other types.

1. Hot Air Poppers

Hot air poppers are affordable, and you won’t need to stir the beans. You place them inside and turn it on. The reason they aren’t as great as stove-top poppers is that they don’t always reach a high enough temperature to roast them evenly.

2. Electric Popcorn Poppers

Electric poppers are not suitable for roasting coffee beans. They do hold a consistent temperature, and they are self-stirring. However, they only have one possible temperature, which isn’t hot enough to roast coffee beans.

3. Microwave Popcorn Poppers

Microwave popcorn poppers don’t heat the coffee beans evenly, so you might end up burning some beans and undercooking others. You can’t stir the beans, so this popcorn maker isn’t the best choice for roasting your coffee beans.

How Do You Roast Coffee Beans in a Popcorn Popper on a stove?

You will need to have a popcorn popper, a large spoon, green coffee beans, a metal colander, and an airtight container.

Step 1

Set up your popcorn popper on the stove. You might want to turn the vent hood on to eliminate any smoke.

Step 2

Measure how many coffee beans you will use. You should use the same measurement as the manufacturer recommends for popcorn.

Step 3

Turn on the heat to medium hight, start the poppr and put the coffee beans in. You should hear sounds from the popper in three to five minutes.

Step 4

Keep watching. Ensure you keep your eyes on the coffee beans until they are how you want them.

Step 5

Turn off the heat. Once your coffee beans are how you like them, you can turn the heat off and move them to a metal colander. Shake the colander for a few minutes.

Step 6

Place the coffee beans in a container. Leave it open for a few hours while the coffee beans cool off. When they have cooled off, store them in airtight containers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal temperature for roasting coffee in a popcorn maker?

The ideal temperature for roasting coffee in a popcorn maker is between 350°F and 500°F (175°C and 260°C). You’ll need to monitor the temperature closely to ensure you achieve your desired roast level without burning the beans. Use a digital thermometer to keep track of the temperature during the roasting process.

How long does it take to roast coffee beans using a popcorn popper?

The time it takes to roast coffee beans using a popcorn popper can vary depending on the model and the roast level you desire. On average, roasting coffee beans in a popcorn popper takes about 5-10 minutes. Keep a close eye on the beans during roasting, and listen for the “cracks” to help determine the roast level.

Which popcorn popper models are recommended for coffee roasting?

There are several models of popcorn poppers that work well for roasting coffee (a few of our favorites are above).

How long does it take to roast coffee beans using a popcorn popper?

The time it takes to roast coffee beans using a popcorn popper can vary depending on the model and the roast level you desire. On average, roasting coffee beans in a popcorn popper takes about 5-10 minutes. Keep a close eye on the beans during roasting, and listen for the “cracks” to help determine the roast level.

How do you achieve an even roast with a popcorn maker?

To achieve an even roast with a popcorn maker, make sure to preheat the appliance before adding beans. Stir the beans continuously during the roasting process to promote even heating.

Some popcorn makers may require manual intervention, such as shaking the appliance or using a wooden spoon to move the beans around for an even roast.

What is the difference between air-popped and stir-crazy popcorn makers for coffee roasting?

Air-popped popcorn makers use hot air to circulate and roast the beans, while stir-crazy popcorn makers have a mechanical stirring mechanism to move the beans during roasting.

Both types can be used for coffee roasting; however, air-popped models might provide better temperature control and more even roasting, while stir-crazy models may require less manual intervention

Are there any modifications needed for a popcorn popper to roast coffee?

While many popcorn poppers can be used for roasting coffee without modifications, some poppers may need modifications to achieve optimal roasting results.

Common modifications include extending the chamber for increased capacity, drilling holes for better ventilation, or attaching a digital thermometer for precise temperature control. Always research and follow safety guidelines when making modifications to your appliance.

Final thoughts 💭

You can make your own custom coffee bean roast at home with your stovetop popcorn popper. You use the stovetop popper much the same way you use it to pop popcorn. After three to five minutes, the coffee beans will be lightly roasted, and you can keep your eye on them until they are exactly how you want them.

This method is so easy to use, and you can experiment with different roasts. You can mix different flavors so that you find a delicious blend for your coffee. You can choose any of the popcorn poppers above because they are all well-suited to roast your coffee beans.

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