Gift Ideas for People Who Love Popcorn



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Make the popcorn lover in your life feel amazing by choosing one of these unique popcorn inspired gifts.

When choosing a gift you have many options including:

  • Gourmet popcorn
  • A popcorn machine
  • A popcorn cookbook
  • A novelty popcorn gift
  • Or a choice of many novelty gifts available.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite gifts for the popcorn lovers in our lives.

Gourmet Popcorn Set

A Gourmet Popcorn Set makes a fantastic gift for a popcorn lover!

By gifting a variety of unique and exotic popcorn flavors that cannot be found in standard grocery stores you are giving the, an exciting gustatory journey.

Gourmet Popcorn Sets often include high-quality popcorn kernels that pop into deliciously fluffy and crispy popcorn, offering a superior taste and texture compared to common brands. The set may also include special seasonings and gourmet oils that further elevate the popcorn-eating experience.

A gourmet set gift enables your popcorn lover to explore new tastes, try different popping methods, and enjoy their favorite snack in a way that’s more sophisticated and fun.

A Gourmet Popcorn Set isn’t just a gift – it’s a gastronomic adventure in a box.

Opopop Popcorn Gourmet Popcorn Kit

Recommended Gourmet Popcorn Set

This one is a great gift as it doesn’t require a popcorn maker. The gourmet flavors can be easily enjoyed just with a microwave.

  • Broad range of exciting flavours
  • Can be prepared in the microwave
  • Reusable popcorn popper included

Popcorn Popper

An air popcorn popper or a stovetop popcorn makes a great gift for a popcorn lover.

When it comes to gifting popcorn-making machines, our favorite choice is the vintage-style ones that provide a fun, nostalgic experience and stand out from your standard air or stovetop options.

Here’s our favorite vintage-style popper that makes a draw-dropping gift:

Nostalgia Popcorn Maker Machine

Perfect Popcorn Popper Gift

A fantastic-looking popcorn maker with all the features you’d expect. Guaranteed to blow the recipient away!

  • 8 oz kettle makes 35 cups of popcorn
  • Beautiful retro design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Built-in candy dispensers too!

Other options for popcorn poppers include:

Popcorn Seasoning Set

A Popcorn Seasoning Set is a perfect gift for a popcorn lover as it provides them the opportunity to diversify and enhance the flavor profiles of their favorite snack.

A set can include a range of seasonings from the classic cheese or caramel to the exotic such as chili lime or truffle salt, thereby opening up a world of flavors to experiment with.

Seasonings can transform a simple bowl of popcorn into a gourmet treat that satisfies a variety of taste buds, from sweet to savory to spicy. The act of seasoning their popcorn allows popcorn lovers to customize each bowl according to their personal preferences or mood, adding an element of creativity and fun.

A Popcorn Seasoning Set is not only a gift that provides flavor, but also a tool that empowers popcorn lovers to be their own gourmet popcorn chefs.

Kernel Season’s Complete Seasoning Kit

Soo many flavors!

A fantastic seasoning collection with a huge variety of flavors guaranteed to make the recipient delighted.

  • 12 amazing flavors
  • Suitable for a kosher diet
  • Perfect for the adventurous popcorn lover

Popcorn Cookbook

A popcorn cookbook is an exceptional gift for a popcorn lover as it offers an encyclopedia of inspiration for their favorite snack. This gift caters to both their love for popcorn and their potential interest in culinary experimentation.

A cookbook typically features a range of recipes that span from the traditional to the innovative, transforming plain popcorn into gourmet delights, and even extending to dishes where popcorn is a surprising ingredient.

This offers popcorn enthusiasts an exciting chance to broaden their culinary horizons and discover a multitude of ways to enjoy popcorn beyond the standard butter and salt.

A cookbook can help refine their popping techniques and offer advice on choosing the best kernels, ensuring an optimal popcorn experience every time.

A popcorn cookbook isn’t just a gift – it’s an invitation to a world of creative culinary exploration centered around the recipient’s favorite snack.

Great for Gourmet

Gourmet Popcorn 100 Recipes for any Occasion

Huge selection of delicious gourmet recipes, including flavors like sour cream, cheddar bacon, and orange cream.

Perfect for Parties

Party Popcorn: 75 Creative Recipes

Loads of exciting and interesting party-inspired recipes making this a great gift for the social popcorn lover you know

More Popcorn Gift Ideas

Popcorn Socks

Fun, quirky socks with popcorn graphics for the popcorn lover to wear their passion proudly.

Everyone loves socks, right?

Personally we think these are probably best suited for a Christmas gift.

There is a huge selection available to buy on Amazon.

A Popcorn Puzzle

A popcorn-themed jigsaw puzzle can be a unique and fun gift, especially if the person enjoys puzzles and popcorn.

White Mountain Puzzles have a particularly cool popcorn theme puzzle available on Amazon.

Made up of 1000 pieces and printed with a high-quality retro design we think it makes a great alternative gift for popcorn lovers.

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