What’s the Best Microwave Kettle Corn?



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microwave kettlecorn

Microwave kettle corn is an easy way to get your kettle corn fix without having to cook it from scratch.

Kettle corn used to be cooked over an open fire. But in 1982, Pillsbury introduced a microwavable version. The well-known brand leader Orville Redenbacher followed their lead in 1983.

There are now lots of brands of microwave kettle corn available, some of which have a bigger following than others.

Let’s look into the best microwave kettle corn you can buy and see why this sticky, sweet treat is so popular.

What Brand is the Best Kettle Corn?

If you don’t want to spend ages cooking kettle corn the traditional way, you can get microwavable varieties that cook in a matter of minutes.

Some of the most popular brands of best kettle popcorn currently are listed below.

Kettle Corn Brands

  • Angie’s – Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop best kettle corn popcorn not only has a great name, but it has exceptional taste too. It’s sweet, salty, and addictive. The only complaint people have is that they’re often left with a few unpopped kernels.
  • Popcorn Indiana – Popcorn Indiana’s kettle corn is a little pricier than other brands. But it’s light, fluffy, and packed full of flavor.
  • Pop Secret – Pop Secret’s kettle corn has a more subtle flavor compared to other brands. But it’s still loved and is perfect for snacking on while watching a movie.
  • Orville Redenbacher’s – many people say that Orville Redenbacher’s kettle corn is a perfect mix of sweet and salty. It’s an affordable option. Although, it’s higher in calories than some other brands.
  • Act II – Act II Buttery Kettle Corn is a firm favorite among popcorn fans. It has a great taste, is affordable, and the kernels pop well in the microwave.
  • Jolly Time – Jolly Time’s kettle corn is a low-calorie snack that’s described as being ‘healthy’. It comes in 100-calorie packs and is a great snack for both kids and adults.

The best microwavable kettle corn popcorn completely depends on personal preference. But the most popular one among kettle corn lovers certainly seems to be Angie’s. The brand consistently receives high reviews, and let’s not forget that it tastes great.

What Is the Difference Between Regular Popcorn and Kettle Corn?

The main difference between regular popcorn and kettle corn is the way that they’re traditionally cooked.

Regular popcorn can be cooked in many ways, including:

Whereas kettle corn is typically made in a cast iron kettle pot. Oil is poured into the kettle to encourage the popcorn to pop. Sugar and salt is then stirred in. The kettle corn needs to be constantly stirred so that the sugar doesn’t burn and to maximize the flavor of the corn.

Microwave kettle corn doesn’t always have sugar in it. Instead, artificial sweeteners may be used to give it its sweet taste.

Why Does Kettle Corn Look Different?

kettlecorn fresh from a microwave

Kettle corn looks different to normal popcorn because different types of corn are used. Mushroom kernels are used to make kettle corn while butterfly kernels are used to make popcorn. Kettle corn typically takes on a sphere-like shape, and popcorn has a jagged round shape.

The caramelized sugar on kettle corn also makes kettle corn look different from normal popcorn. The sugar makes it look darker in color and crispier.

Which Is Healthier, Popcorn or Kettle Corn?

Popcorn is healthier than kettle corn. The sugar that is added to kettle corn really ramps up its calories. Kettle corn should always be viewed as a treat, whereas popcorn can be eaten as a healthy snack.

Why Is Kettle Corn So Addictive?

When you eat kettle corn, do you find it hard to stop? That’s because the sugar on kettle corn makes it an addictive snack. When you eat sugar, your body releases opioids and dopamine. Both of these make you feel happy, which is why your body will crave more kettle corn.

Is Kettle Corn a Healthy Snack?

No, kettle corn is not a healthy snack. However, it can be enjoyed as an occasional treat. Oil, salt, and sugar are not healthy, and you should try to reduce your intake of them.

Kettle corn typically contains around 8 g of sugar per 28 g serving. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that women should restrict their daily sugar intake to 25 g per day and men to 36 g per day.

Is Kettle Corn Good for Weight Loss?

Generally, kettle corn isn’t good for weight loss as it’s high in calories, sugar, and fat. However, if you carefully monitor the amount of kettle corn you eat, it is possible to lose weight.

One study monitored people who ate a 100-calorie serving of Orville Redenbacher’s 94 % fat-free SmartPop! Butter or Kettle Corn over a period of 12 weeks. The participants also participated in regular exercise. The results were impressive, with researchers reporting:

  • An average weight loss of 13 pounds
  • Waist circumference reduced by an average of 2 inches
  • BMI dropped by an average of 2
  • Body fat reduced by an average of 2%
  • Almost 100% of the participants snacked more healthily

Can Diabetics Eat Kettle Corn?

No, people with diabetes should not eat kettle corn. The excess sugar that’s on kettle corn is not good for people with diabetes. The good news is that diabetics can enjoy popcorn in moderation.

What Happens If You Eat Too Much Kettle Corn?

If you eat too much of the best microwave kettle popcorn over a long period of time, you may:

  • Put on weight – the fat from the oil and butter, as well as the calories in the sugar, meaning you could put on weight if you eat too much kettle corn.
  • Suffer from Popcorn Lung – you can get popcorn lung from inhaling the chemicals that are sometimes used to flavor microwavable kettle corn.
  • Get tooth decay – eating too much kettle corn may cause tooth decay due to its sugar content.
  • Experience inflammation of the body – if the kettle corn is cooked in sunflower oil that contains omega 6 it can cause body inflammation. This is not good if you already have an inflammatory condition such as arthritis.

Microwavable popcorn is a go-to snack for lots of people. It’s a great indulgent treat for a movie night and there are lots of tasty brands to choose from. Just make sure you limit your consumption of this highly-addictive treat.



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