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What Goes Good With Popcorn

Popcorn is such a versatile food with incredible scope for flavors, caramel, lightly salted butter, cheesy, the list is endless! You could almost make your entire smorgasbord with different flavor popcorns.

Let’s look at some amazing food and drink combos to have with different flavor popcorns that will make your party go with a real pop.

Choosing Your Popcorn

With so many incredible flavors to choose from and everyone having a different favorite, how do you choose the right flavor popcorn for your spread?

Obviously, the traditional ones are a must, caramel, salted butter, cheese, etc. But how about some of the more unusual ones, like mint choc chip or apple pie?

Check out some fab gourmet popcorn ideas.

Mix and Match

Next, let’s explore some different foods and drinks to serve with various different flavor popcorns, firstly for a few traditional popcorn flavors, then for some more unusual ones we think you might like:

What goes Good with Savory Popcorn?

Traditional Lightly Salted Butter Popcorn

Lightly salted butter popcorn is probably one of the easiest to mix other foods and drinks with. Essentially anything savory will mix well with salted popcorn. However, throwing in different textures such as cucumber sandwiches makes for an interesting combination.

And don’t forget those wonderful salty-sweet moments and add something along the lines of Reese’s peanut butter cups, or give your mouth a real treat with salted caramel ice cream.

Something thirst-quenching is always a good idea with salted food, colas are great, and cold beer goes down a treat, but why not try something a bit different, like tomato juice or carrot juice?

Great Flavors to go with Cheese Coated Popcorn

Cheese-coated popcorn is absolutely fantastic with slices of apple or pineapple chunks. This tangy mixture combines the sweet fruity flavors and savory cheese flavor very well indeed.

Soft drinks with a bit of tannin-like ice tea make a good mix with cheese-coated popcorn; the tartness of the tannins offsets the yummy cheese coating without overpowering the flavor.

Or if you want something alcoholic, IPA is an excellent choice.

Try Flamin Hot Popcorn if You Dare

This is a popcorn taste explosion. Flamin hot popcorn cries out for something sweet to contrast its spicy flavor. It is an ancient Mayan tradition to mix chili with chocolate, and it was used as part of their marriage ceremony. The flavors warm you from the inside and set a fire in your belly, so beware, young lovers!

Bud Light with lime is the perfect drink to have with flaming hot popcorn, or sweet spiced rum works too.

If you are catering for the kids, then banana milk will cool their little mouths down a bit if the fire gets too hot.

Curry Seasoning is an Amazing Flavor Popcorn

curry flavor popcorn

This is an incredibly yummy flavor. Try throwing a handful of sultanas, flaked coconut, and dried mango slices into your curried popcorn mix for a real taste of India.

A cold beer on the side will go down well, or for the little ones, mango or pineapple juice are brilliant to serve with this slightly spicy variety of popcorn.

What Goes Well with Sweet Popcorn?

First on the List for Sweet Popcorn Mixers: Classic Caramel

Classic caramel is the popcorn must-have. It is difficult to mix with savory food, though, and too much sweet stuff can make it a bit sickly. Strangely peanut butter sandwiches go amazingly well with classic caramel popcorn.

For great complimentary drinks, you could try a ginger beer or dr pepper.

For an activity to try while eating popcorn, why not try playing darts?

Tantalizing Turtle Flavor

Turtle has to be the all-time Christmas favorite, so why not think seasonal and add some cinnamon cookies or some pretzels to your spread and remember that Christmas feeling at any time of the year?

A bag of mini marshmallows thrown in with your bowl of turtle and mixed up is wonderful to hand around after a barbeque in the summer. This, with the addition of some long cool drinks such as a coconut mocktail, or a pina colada, will top off your garden party nicely.

Apple Pie, the Taste of Home

They say apple pie is the taste of home, and it sure goes well as a delicious popcorn coating. It’s almost impossible to find food to serve up with apple pie popcorn because the taste stands so well on its own, however, served with vanilla ice cream, it is a match made in heaven.

Root beer or cider, of course, is delicious with apple pie popcorn, but by far and away the best thing to drink with apple pie popcorn is a tall glass of cold milk.

Snickerdoodle Cookie Flavor is a Winner

If you haven’t tried snickerdoodle popcorn, you are in for a real treat. That wonderful cinnamon cookie flavor just melts in your mouth. Scattering chocolate pieces and hazelnuts into the mix will transform your bowl into an utter delight.

Spicy ginger beer mulled wine or chocolate milk are delicious drinks to serve with snickerdoodle popcorn and will really bring out the flavor.

Have you Tried Mint Choc Chip Flavor Popcorn?

If you’re looking for a real treat, try mint choc chip popcorn to really lift the pallet. Remember, this is a very strong flavor, and there is not much other food that will mix well with it. You need to keep your taste combos high and light by introducing things like strawberries or lemon puffs.

As with the foods, you should try and keep the drinks light and refreshing too. Lemonade with a mint twist or elderflower cordial is superb drinks to mix with mint choc chip popcorn.

For the adults, a mint julep or gin rickey would add a bit of fun without ruining the flavor of this delicious popcorn.

Don’t be Afraid to Try Some Unusual Flavors

The great thing about popcorn is it can take on a huge variety of different flavors. Here’s a link to some inspirational popcorn flavors.

Final Words

There are infinite flavors to try when it comes to popcorn, and we have explored just a few. So why not try out some of your own flavor combos, but remember to write down the ones that have worked well and the ones that have worked not so well, so you know which ones to share with your friends later and which ones not to!

Happy popping 😉

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