Can Dogs Eat Cheddar Popcorn?



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Dogs – their little snuffly wet noses get everywhere. Including places they shouldn’t – like your bowl of cheddar popcorn on the side ready for your Saturday night movie marathon. But can it do any harm? Could you feed your pooch just that little bit of cheddar popcorn so that he can join in on the fun? Let’s take a look.

What is Cheddar Popcorn?

Cheddar popcorn is a popular snack – popcorn coated in a delicious cheddar cheese-flavored powder. The powder flavoring is normally made from a delightful combo of cheddar cheese, salt and other seasoning and is mixed in with freshly popped corn.

There are many varieties of cheddar popcorn, including white cheddar popcorn, cheddar cheese and chili popcorn and flamin’ hot cheddar popcorn, to name a few. You can also make your own with some cheddar popcorn seasoning mix. The Mercury News even did a cheesy popcorn round-up of nine of the best varieties. But what about your furry pal? Can he dive on in there?

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Can Dogs Eat Cheddar Popcorn?

Should dogs eat cheddar popcorn? No, dogs should not eat cheddar popcorn. Sorry to disappoint your furry friends, but it’s just best all around if they don’t.

Cheddar popcorn can be high in salt, fat and calories – all of which are harmful for your dog’s health. What’s more, your dog may well be lactose intolerant and feeding it dairy products like cheese can lead to digestive troubles. The last thing any of us want is to be cleaning up doggy diarrhea or vomit from our floors!

It’s always best to stick to foods and treats that are specifically designed with your dog in mind. They are what’s best for your dog and are what your veterinarian would recommend.

Can Dogs Eat White Cheddar Popcorn?

Whether your dog likes premium flavors or standard ones isn’t really the issue, here. Many people presume that because white cheddar popcorn is less strong than standard cheddar popcorn then it is better for their dogs. Sadly, as disappointing as this is to hear, it’s simply not the case. No matter the kind of cheesy popcorn, none are ideal snack foods for your dog.

White cheddar popcorn is a variation of cheddar popcorn that’s made with paler cheddar cheese rather than the typical orange one. This is because it is typically aged for less time and therefore has a milder, creamier taste. ranks it at Number Two in their 20 Best Popcorn Flavors thanks to its “subtle flavor” which isn’t as overpowering as its orange cheddar cousin.

White cheddar is normally mixed with popcorn kernels, some oil and seasonings before popping, resulting in a tangy cheesy flavor on fresh and fluffy popcorn. White cheddar is often considered to be more of a gourmet flavor popcorn or premium snack food. It’s definitely increasing in popularity for those who prefer a less intense cheese flavor to their corn-based snacks.

Is Cheddar Popcorn Bad for Dogs?

The finger-linking deliciousness that is cheddar popcorn has certainly got your dog’s attention (as his drool no doubt shows). Whilst I’m sure your dog would happily munch on a handful whilst you’re tucking in, it’s really not a good idea.

Cheddar popcorn is high in salt, fat and calories, making it harmful to your pooch’s health. Foods that are high in salt can cause dehydration as well as increased thirst. At the extreme, it can even lead to sodium ion poisoning – a fancy way of saying “salt poisoning.”

If you find yourself Googling “is cheddar popcorn bad for dogs?” because your pooch has already helped himself, there’s no cause for immediate concern. Aside from the salt, the cheese in the popcorn may cause a tummy upset, which is the most likely scenario if they’ve over-indulged in your human snack.

One of the biggest risks is actually obesity and other associated risks that come with eating high-calorie and high-fat foods. If you’ve let your dog have some cheddar popcorn and he’s been fine, next time you’re eating some you might slip him a bit more. This leads to too much snacking in dogs and can lead to pancreatitis and other health concerns because he’s overweight.

So, in answer to the question of whether cheddar popcorn is bad for dogs, the answer is a simple “yes”. If your dog’s snaffled some out of the bowl while you weren’t looking, chances are he’ll be perfectly okay. But put the bowl higher up next time! And, of course, if you have any concerns about your dog’s popcorn-eating antics, consult with your veterinarian for advice.

Can My Dog Eat Any Kind of Popcorn?

We know the drill – you’re desperate for your furry family member to join in with family life. And that includes movie night treats. If you absolutely must give him some, make it plain, unsalted, unbuttered, unsweetened popcorn. Just plain old popped kernels. Having said that, these can still pose a risk of:

  • Indigestion – Dogs can’t digest corn (you can see it in their poop!)
  • Tooth problems – I know I always get some stuck in my teeth; your dog will have similar problems with his gnashers.
  • Allergies – Just like humans, some dogs have allergies!
  • Choking – I think we can all attest to having accidentally breathed in some popcorn before now, and that’s the same risk for your dog.

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The Takeaway

The question is, is cheddar popcorn really worth the risk? I’m not so sure it is. If you’re looking for a safe alternative, Pup Corn is the answer! It’s popcorn but especially made for dogs! This way, you’re letting your pup have his own popcorn but in a safe and much more nutritious way.


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